Monday the 30th of March 2015 - The Australian Conservation Hunting Council was officially accepted by Bill Pinkstone, the General Manager of the Firearms Registry as an approved firearms hunting organisation. Members can now use ACHC as a genuine reason for hunting on their firearms licence.
The process proved more difficult than expected in the current political climate with ACHC needing to step up a provide more information, risk assessments and safety standards than clubs previously, judging that is by the response of numerous hunting club officials to the requirements asked of us.
Either way we have now achieved our official status of approved hunting organisation and can now act as a genuine reason for our members when applying for their firearms licence. Existing members who have notified ACHC that they wish to use the club as a genuine reason will be contacted and supplied with the correct details and instructions to change over to ACHC as their genuine reason. For new members details will be supplied on application.
ACHC is current awaiting approval via the Department of Primary Industry's Game Licencing Unit as an Approved Hunting Organisation for the application of the R licence for public land hunting and has allied for the LEAP hunter provider status to help train hunters and provide R-Licence testing.
We will also be doing firearms safety course shortly. Please stay tuned or contact ACHC executive committee members if you have any questions.